Sonoma Valley Wine Tours

Sonoma Valley, whose rich agriculture began with the Spanish missionaries setting of Olive Trees and production of olive oils, has a lush history of the planting of European vines including Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Sonoma™ rich wine culture of are self evident as vines that are over 120 years old, those of which are still being used today to produce Old Vin Zinfandel.

Private Wine Tours at its best! True Elegance Limousine offers top notch, well handled wine tours that provide the guest with a unique sense of discovery and illumination into the Sonoma Valley Wine Country.


While there are over 300 wineries in the Sonoma Valley, how can one choose the best wineries to visit? Easy- just call a True Elegance Limousine representative with some of the following in mind:

a.) Are you a wine affection ado or new to the wine scene?

b.) Do you like taking pictures or enjoy a nice conversation with your group members (or both)?

c.) Are you looking for new and exciting wineries to visit- ie cave tours, barrel tastings or do you have something already in mind?

d. ) Do you have any winery preferences or prefer certain varietals?

Now consider the following sample:

Enjoy Ledson™ expansive vineyards, VJB™ fast and ready premium deli sandwiches and fire roasted pizzas paired with their fantastic Wines. Enjoy ethnic wines from Robledo Family Vineyards, whose wines have made it into the white house, or enjoy a Tractor Tram tour of the family vineyards of Benzinger. Some of the oldest and pioneer vineyards that are still alive and in production since induction of service (minus Prohibition in the early 1900™), Buena Vista Winery still retains the same quality of wine as they did when the first started. Let Napa Valley Wine Limo pair you with wineries that help integrate your choice and preferences for an overall luxury experience.


Missed wineries on the past visits? Need help orchestrating a plan to visit wineries that you've tried before against new ones that were suggested to you as stars? Look no further than True Elegance.

Looking still for new wineries to visit, that you've yet to discover? Tell us what you've enjoyed in the past or if you are looking forA  new experiences.

Our business is to make sure your Wine Tour Experience is a one to remember. When it comes to Wine Tasting Tours, we can help you plan, set and integrate your preferences to an experience well deserved of your satisfaction. Wea€™ll strive to make it best trip that youa™ ever had.


$325/6hrs $400/6hrs $425/6hrs $450/6hrs
4 Pass Town Car 6 Pass Limo 8 Pass Limo 6 Pass SUV

“ 5% Fee Added for Credit Card usage, Drivers Tip & Hourly Charges Over 6hrs extra.”