Napa Valley Wine Tours

Whether you have been to Walla Walla Wine Country in Washington State or Umbria Wine Region of Italy, Napa Valley's wine region offers glimpses of heaven on earth far more expansive and rustic than anything that you've ever seen before. Capturing architecture of European heritage and infusing it with American build, Napa Valley offers a diversity of internationally influenced Wineries and Wines that offer a sense of perfection and instant gratification. Searching for a perfect bottle of Cabernet has been a dream well accomplished by numerous Wine Makers in the Napa Valley for millions of wine enthusiasts in the world. Napa Valley's Cabernet Sauvignon has been touted as the standard of wine production in the world. Beautifully landscaped grounds and impressive fountains and garden structures await your entrance into the world's top wine production. Each guest that enters the Napa Valley is guaranteed to have a different experience each and every time they come the Valley. Whether you or your group are new the Napa Valley or have been here before, True Elegance can help set customized wine tasting itineraries best suited to meet your likings and preferences. Calling a True Elegance representative is like calling a friend in a far away place- we will strive to make sure you get the best outcome of your experience in the Napa Valley. Let True Elegance show you ways to visit the Napa Valley Wine Country that are pleasantly described as a lifetime of pleasurable memories.


Private Wine Tours at its best! True Elegance Limousine offers top notch, well handled wine tours that provide the guest with a unique sense of discovery and illumination into the Napa Valley Wine Country.

While there are over 400 wineries in the Napa Valley, how can one choose the best wineries to visit? Easy- just call a True Elegance Limousine representative with some of the following in mind:

a.) Are you a wine affection ado or new to the wine scene?

b.) Do you like taking pictures or enjoy a nice conversation with your group members (or both)?

c.) Are you looking for new and exciting wineries to visit- ie cave tours, barrel tastings or do you have something already in mind?

d.) Do you have any winery preferences or prefer certain varietals?

Now consider the following sample:

Take a seat in a one our Luxury Lincoln Town Car Limousines while the chauffeur corks a delightful bottle of Champagne for your sipping pleasure. Take a stroll at a carefully selected vineyards, perhaps Duckhorn Winery, whose marvelous landscapes lends your senses to a world of Wine and Culture. Visit Vineyards such as Paoletti Caves, whose Ownera™ are delighted to share their wine production techniques and tastes of their fantastic world class wines for your pleasure and enjoyment. Enjoy fantastic Napa Valley views at Cade or Joesph Phelps and sip and enjoy their versions of Napa™ viticulture excellence. Freely choose to get assistance from your chauffer to pick up deli lunch or set appointments for lunch service at various eateries in the area. End your day with a perfect glass of Champagne or sweet port or Moscato paired with rich indulgent chocolates or another round of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot.


Coming to the Napa Valley has its own fantasy- the search for that special bottle of Merlot that you've sipped back in 2009 with a group of friends celebrating a 30th Birthday or finding a freshly produced bottle of Cabernet Franc infused with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot- affectionaly called a Meritage - with a loved one, True Elegance can help accomplished what ever your needs may be. Whether you need help planning your second or third trip to Napa Valley, or if you just need a knowledgeable chauffeur to drive you around for your self-planned day, True Elegance Limousine can offer it all.

Missed wineries on the past visits? Need help orchestrating a plan to visit wineries that you've tried before against new ones that were suggested to you as stars? Look no further than True Elegance.

Our business is to make sure your Wine Tour Experience is a one to remember. When it comes to Wine Tasting Tours, we can help you plan, set and integrate your preferences to an experience well deserved of your satisfaction. Wea€™ll strive to make it best trip that youa™ ever had.


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4 Pass Town Car 6 Pass Limo 8 Pass Limo 6 Pass SUV

“ 5% Fee Added for Credit Card usage, Drivers Tip & Hourly Charges Over 6hrs extra.”